“A nameless rome” – Friday Fiction by JJK


Here’s some Friday Fiction (of a sort). “JJK” is all I know about him. I’m always a fan of multiple voices in a piece – especially when those voices come from the same “person” (or at least that’s how I read the “self-commentary” in parentheses). The photo is from an interesting blog I came across – http://droppingbombsonyourmom.com

Sometimes it takes the unraveling of a marriage.

For others it can be the loss of a job they thought had more meaning.

I once knew a man for whom it took a tsunami to take its toll.

And for others it can be a persistent ingrown toenail

before the hem of their trouser leg starts to fray and unravel.

As for me, the details are entirely unnecessary

except to say it coincided with finding the computer in the cottage

no longer even slightly agreeing to cooperate any further

and barely eleven breaths later the mobile phone battery ran dry

and I found myself brewing tea with lemon balm from the garden,

washed down with three finger whiskey and the latest cursing

of the delectable female form.

But that’s another story.

I just knew I didn’t want to go under,

for a number of reasons (the treasures that are my children) but mostly

because I knew deep in my bones I did (want to go under).

One thought on ““A nameless rome” – Friday Fiction by JJK

  1. FROM THE AUTHOR: Hello there. Look, this is something that just came out this evening, and usually when something comes out I stew over the various heads and tails of characters for an indeterminable amount of time till packing away the remains and going off in search of something entirely distracting from what I was previously encountering on the wide blank page. But hey, it hasn’t been working out so well so far. So I’m trying something different: Write something, go over it a couple of times, then send it out there and see what happens. Confession: I send things out once in a … no, not a blue moon, because truth be told I’ve never seen one (though there’s – if you’re interested – a full one in the sky in this part of the world tonight) and thus rarely reveal things at all to fellow human eyes. I scribble these things called poems (though I tend to call them Romes) while working on longer pen and ink compulsions tracking the trails of my life. I don’t know if this will in any way be suited to you; I don’t know if you will like it; I don’t even know if I like it; but, like I said, I’m trying something new. And I like what you do. I get called Jack but my name is Jonathon. Regards. Keep up the good effort.

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