“Secrets” – a play by Chris Wetherby

Announcements, etc.

Here’s a play by Chris – with a double-twist. We don’t get many plays, but this one reads well…


Dave: 40 year old male, owner of the yacht and is married to Tina.

Tim: 43 years old male, best friends with Dave, married to Sarah.

Tina: 31 year old female, lifelong friend Sarah, and is married to Dave.

Sarah: 37 year old female, lifelong friends of both Dave and Tina, and is married to Tim.

The Scene: This scene takes place on a yacht off the golf coast of Florida. It’s a beautiful spring day with nice calm water. Two couples who are all long life friends and are meeting up for the first time in a long time.  The guys are fishing while the women are about the yacht.

(Dave and Tim prepare to begin fishing on the lower deck at the back of the yacht; meanwhile the women are on the top deck tanning.)

Tim: So what are we using for bait today?

Dave: I figured we start with the chum and take it as we go.

Tim: Perfect, sounds like a plan.

Dave: Yeah all the locals seem to be doing just fine with it; you don’t need anything special this time of year.

(Tina and Sarah enter from above)

Tina: Hey baby, how’s it going?

Dave: Fine honey, haven’t even casted yet.

Sarah: Tina and I were gonna head to the kitchen and cook, would you guys like anything.

Dave: I’ll take a ham and cheese sandwich meyo, tomatoes, but no onions Tina.

Tim: I’ll just take anything, you know what I like babe.

Tim: Thanks ladies.

(Tina and Sarah exit to the kitchen)

Tim: Ahh, you just can’t beat days like this. Perfect weather, prefect boat, and perfect women. Now if only we can get some fish.

Dave: Yeah, if only.

Dave: So how are you and Sarah, any problems?

Tim: Things are great, couldn’t be better.

Dave: That’s good to hear.

Tim: Is everything ok with you, do we need to talk about something?

Scene 2

The scene is now the kitchen where the women are preparing the lunches

Sarah: I still can’t get over how nice this boat is.

Tina: Don’t let Dave hear you talk like that (smiling). He would kill you if he heard you call this a boat; he went off on me with this huge spiel about the differences between this yacht and boats.

Sarah: Whatever I don’t care what he thinks, it’s all the same to me. If it floats it’s a boat.

Tina: Well don’t say I didn’t warm you.

Sarah: It’s been so long sense we all got together how is everything going with you guys.

Tina: Things are great, I’m so happy we got out here together and I have a huge surprise.

Sarah: oh yeah, what is it.

Tina: Well let’s hear first about how you and Tim.

Sarah: Things are the same, Tim is great, and life is good. So let’s hear about this surprise.

Tina: Ok but you say anything to Tim cause that will ruin it.

Sarah: I only tell him what he needs to know anyways.

Tina: I’m pregnant!

Sarah: What! Wow how long.

Tina: Just found out for sure, only a month now. But I haven’t said anything to Dave yet, I wanted it to be special.

Scene 3 – Bottom deck of the yacht where the guys are fishing.

Dave: This isn’t the best place to talk about it, but while I have you here we probably should.

(Long pause)

Dave: I don’t think I can do it anymore man, I just don’t know

Tim: What are you talking about, you’re scaring me.

Dave: Tina, I just can’t take it. She is just constantly annoying and I’m not happy. I’ve thought about everything and I just can’t see it working. I’m either gonna have to start cheating or do something man.

Tim: Just slow down, where is all this coming from?

Tim: I have seen you guys, you’ve been happy. Is this really about her or about you?

Dave: what the fuck are you saying?

Tim: I’m just saying, who is the one changing you or her?

Dave: I don’t know man, but I do know it’s not working and I have plenty of other options to satisfy my needs.

Tim: Who are you right now, this isn’t you.

Dave: She keeps pressing me about having kids and starting a family, that’s not me and you know that. Once that started things haven’t been the same.

Tim: Well can’t you take about it and work things out.

Dave: I don’t think so, it’s too late. I think I’ve already made up my mind. I just wanted to get out here and think about things before I really tell her.

Tim: Tell her what exactly.

Dave: I want a divorce.

Chris Wetherby


Eng 102


Act 2


Dave: 40 year old male, owner of the yacht and is married to Tina.

Tim: 43 years old male, best friends with Dave, married to Sarah.

Tina: 31 year old female, lifelong friend Sarah, and is married to Dave.

Sarah: 37 year old female, lifelong friends of both Dave and Tina, and is married to Tim.

(The scene: After a long day of fishing and both couples having been separated, they now are together in different rooms. Dave and Tina are now together in the kitchen as they prepare the fish and other food for tonight’s dinner. Tim and Sarah are alone in a bedroom changing and discussing today’s earlier events.)

(The kitchen)

Tina: I just love coming out here and spending the nights.

Dave: (quietly chopping vetctables) It does help when we have a good days catch of fish.

Tina: Sarah is so funny, I missed her so much, I happy they finally came out with us.

Dave: (chopping getting louder)

Tina: I got such a good tan today, did you even notice?

Tina: Oh the funniest thing happening earilier, I can’t believe you missed it

Dave: (Chopping getting very loud)

Tina: So Sarah…

Scene 5

Tim: So how were things with Tina today?

Sarah: Good, she was happy and excited all day. We had a lot of fun, I’m glad we decided to come out with them this time. How was Dave, he seemed a little off today.

Tim: I don’t know what is going on with them, he has changed. He is scaring me a little bit, you can’t say anything to Tina but he is thinking about getting a divorce.

Sarah: What!

Tim: I have been trying to talk to him about it all day but I think he is pretty set on it.

Sarah: Oh my god, Tim you don’t understand what that would do to Tina. She thinks everything is great and she told me a secret of her own today. (With sadness) She is pregnant.

Tim: We need to do something.

Scene 6

(Tim and Sarah head towards the kitchen to interrupt Dave and Tina)

Tina:… I was laughing so hard, hun don’t you think that’s funny?

Dave: (slamming the knife) NO!, I don’t thinks that funny. I came out here today with a purpose. (Calming his voice down) That purpose was to let me think about things; well I’ve done enough thinking.

Tina: (looking very scared and worried)

Dave: I’ve had enough

(Tim and Sarah enter the room)

Dave: I want a divorce.

Tina: (In shock, crying she runs away. Sarah follows as Tim stares at Dave.)

Tim: (Shaking his head) So that’s what you decided, your giving it all up. You’re an asshole, I bet she didn’t tell you did she.

Dave: Tell me what?

Tim: You just crushed her.

Dave: I don’t need to hear this bullshit from you man

Tim: She loved you more than anything in the world, did she seem a little excited and unusually happy today.

Dave: Yeah and that got annoying today.

Tim: Maybe she was excited because she is having your baby!

Dave: wait, she is pregnant?

(Dave puts his head now and covers his face. He mumbles something under his breath.)

Dave: Take us home Tim, just take us home.


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