“Upon the Winds Forgotten” – poem Christopher Goudreau


The wind it cries inside a half talked trance  
And yearns to reach up high 
And then it found the sunbeam flagged  
Upon the winds forgotten  
Where it mourned to the sullen dawn  
Far better than to the ivory moon  
And then reached above the clouds  
Upon the winds forgotten  
Where peasants clattered for all wrong reasons  
The winds were once alive  
And then they cried like women wept  
Upon the winds forgotten

Parting silently on granite stones  
The women holding missing eyes  
For the men who wished for darkened skies  
Upon the winds forgotten  
When mirrors were washed once opaque 
And the globe burned but to fade  
Towards vengeful hatred poured forth  
To be the ones forgotten  
And they were watching beyond unity  
The winds hurried for the eastern sea  
Till all romance and ruin befell them all  
To be the ones forgotten  
Where the dying bedside leaves no breath  
A hospital of molasses was all that’s left  
Before they left the only grievance  
Upon the winds forgotten  
The wind it mourns of forty years  
Its time was but a loved  jade  
To where they found but eighty nights  
Upon the winds forgotten



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