“Love as Friends” – poem by Michael Wojciechowski


I met Michael at last spring’s Open House for high school students interested in HCC. He writes: “This is a poem I wrote in 5 minutes in class while I was bored. It is to symbolize the feelings I have for someone who has no feelings back towards me.” The photo is from deviantart.com (http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&global=1&q=angst#/dbtls0) – a site I stumbled across and remembered – it had been recommended by a Creative Writing Club member last year…










Walking in the dead of night.

My world around me,

Is crashing down.

I scream and shout,

It seems I’m tuned out.

The pain is unbearable,

Can’t take this anymore.

Gasping for air,

On my final breath.

Thinking of my stupidity,

I should be crowned,

The king of fools.

To think that loving you,

Could make things right.

Fought to the very end,

Finding out we are only,

Going to be nothing,

But friends.

So I’ll lay here spread,

On the floor.

Concealing the feelings,

Of your lure.

Because without you,

I can be nothing more.


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