“Inner Child” – poem by Megan Dupre


Megan, a current HCC Creative Writing student, states, “I wrote this poem for my creative writing class in high school as recognition to my inner child. I recently revised the original and this is how it is now.” So this is our second high school-to-college poem in the last week. The new school year will start soon, so it seems appropriate…

Looking out the window,

so calmly you gaze.

Comfort is found within the stars.

They do not deny or judge.


Glass shattered,

you stayed so strong.

The picture smeared.

You saw things differently.

Life appeared beautiful,

regardless of the flaws,

regardless of it all.


A warm smile suggested

only genuine intentions.

Perfection was impossible,

but you wanted it all the same.


There was a smile on your face

even with a shock of pain.

Trusting was difficult,

for you did not know how.

Failure punctured severely.

It was your biggest fear.


You are still a part of me,

aiding my decisions,

keeping me going.

You’ll always be within me.


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