“UPSIDE DOWN” – poem by Malia Edwards


Here’s a poem Malia wrote in the English 102 class she took this past semester…

The world’s been turned

U  P  S  I  D  E    D  O  W  N

You’re wearing a frown you didn’t buy

And you can no longer cry.


This path you’re on doesn’t lead home

But it feels as though you’ve

Traveled it once before…


The sky is now the sea

And the ocean is in outerspace

You can no longer talk

Speaking isn’t allowed


The abstract is now reality

And the unknown has faded into oblivion

Watch this world slip away

slowly, yet instantly


Where irony is questioned

And metaphors are real

Oxymorons are just a trick

And cats and dogs are never quick


Where equality is overlooked

And survival is defined by opinion

Questions are answers & answers are questions


What will we do?

When the world’s been turned

U   P   S   I   D   E     D   O   W   N?


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