“List Poem” – New Writing Prompt

Club Prompts

I’ve been working with the “list poem” idea from an Arts Propel book (which came out of Howard Gardner’s Project Zero). Here’s our version…

Step One: Choose one of the following categories (or sets of categories):

–         Things You Like / Things You Don’t Like

–         Things You Know / Things You’ve Forgotten

–         Things You’ve Found / Things You’ve Lost

–         Fight or Flight: Challenges You’ve Met / Challenges You’ve Run From or Avoided

Step 2: Then, free-write a list of things that fit into that category for you. Feel free to take a real brainstorming approach with this – don’t worry too much about how (or even if) an item fits on the list. If it comes to your mind, just write it.

Step Three: After 5 minutes or so of free-writing, look at your list and see how you could shape it into a poem… or story… or whatever you like.


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