“List Poem” – New Writing Prompt

I’ve been working with the “list poem” idea from an Arts Propel book (which came out of Howard Gardner’s Project Zero). Here’s our version…

Step One: Choose one of the following categories (or sets of categories):

–         Things You Like / Things You Don’t Like

–         Things You Know / Things You’ve Forgotten

–         Things You’ve Found / Things You’ve Lost

–         Fight or Flight: Challenges You’ve Met / Challenges You’ve Run From or Avoided

Step 2: Then, free-write a list of things that fit into that category for you. Feel free to take a real brainstorming approach with this – don’t worry too much about how (or even if) an item fits on the list. If it comes to your mind, just write it.

Step Three: After 5 minutes or so of free-writing, look at your list and see how you could shape it into a poem… or story… or whatever you like.


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