“My Molly” – Friday (non) Fiction by Kathy Picard


One of the things I find interesting about this piece – besides the haunting photo – is how right near the beginning (the second paragraph), she tells of the deaths of the two Minis, and then she gets into detail about Molly – getting more specific as she goes along…

We all know our pet’s stay is not forever, then again what in life is. We welcomed Molly, a Giant Schnauzer, into our loving home ten years ago this past July with two others – Mini Schnauzers Mystic and Bridgett.

Mystic passed away February 9th 2010 from Cognitive Heart Failure. She was fine until she was diagnosed with CHF. With no time to really mourn Mystic, Bridgett followed right behind, passing away on February 15th 2010 of Cushions Disease and also a lonely heart of losing her sister.

Molly came from Skansen Kennels in California. I remember the excitement of waiting for a Giant Schnauzer. Not many of them are seen in our area. We would take her for walks and get so many compliments. Her daily walks would continue until two years ago when her hips started bothering her.

She starts her day off with waking me by the side of the bed at 1am to let me know she needs to go outside. When we finally wake she is ready for her cereal and knows that I will share with her right down to the taste of milk on the spoon. She then finds her way into the bathroom to lie down beside the tub to drink the water while I shower. Waiting for that taste of toothpaste on my finger is her way of brushing her teeth daily. When I leave for work she awaits till I return to call her by her nicknames of “Sexy.” “Little One,” ”Jolly Molly,” “Pretty Girl” etc. She’s not too spoiled. She gets lunch then naps while I return to work. Her days now consist of her relaxing and sleeping. I’m sure she counts the minutes till I get home to be spoiled again.

Molly moans a bit and you can tell that there are days she doesn’t want to move as much as others. I don’t look forward to seeing our last “child” go to doggie heaven. As I told Gary, I want to wait awhile maybe when we are retired to get another. They are such great company. A part of one’s home but it is so very sad when they leave.


6 thoughts on ““My Molly” – Friday (non) Fiction by Kathy Picard

  1. Great writing Kathy, the love between our dogs and owners (parents) is a great love! Molly is loved and she knows it. Very sweet!

  2. The photos are from a jpg file – so they load slow and/or not at all, depending on your computer. But the photo is weird and haunting, for a dog photo…

  3. My wife ( who wrote this ) and I never had children, so these dogs were extra special to us. Being a guy, I never thought I would miss them after they left us. I was wrong…

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