“from the top” – poem by Maggy Curran


they ask what she remembers.

she tries and she can remember trees.


the dogwood tree,

she remembers driving back to that old house and

that tree being gone.


she remembers roofs. black tarred shingles.

she remembers how the leaves looked from above.

the overwhelming urge to jump to, slip off the edge.


she remembers wondering what would happen when her body hit the ground.

the insatiable length of space between gutter and grass,

that drop, she remembered the pull.

it led her up the stairs and over the ledge, out the window.


the crack of collarbone, snap of spine. she remembers

imagining herself light as air, floating down, parachute-like.


she remembers her baby brother crying,

her father’s strong grip on her arm,

yanking her from the fall.


they ask her what she remembers.

all she says is,

it’s never about death.


One thought on ““from the top” – poem by Maggy Curran

  1. Wow. This is so mysterious and so beautiful. She remembers this experience- very painfully she hurt her self when she jumped, and all I could think through the poem is “why does she want to fall, to die?” and then she says “it’s never about death”. I love the sheer irony of it all. Outstanding job, haunting and beautiful.

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