“Eyes” – poem by Jakleen McDonald


Here’s a poem Jakki wrote at the end of English 102 – I like how she’s exploring different possibilities with poetry – twists on the spelling of your/you’re, using the space on the page.

eyes.jpg eyes image by xoalexblakexo


I see your beauty,

I see you’re pain.  

You vent to me,

I listen.  

Full of happiness,

Full of anger. 

Tell me your past,

Yes, I’ve seen where you’ve been.  

Where is your future?

What will you do? 

It shows me promise.

You’ll stay true to you.  

Oceans of blue,

Pools of green. 

Soft and gentle,

Calming to the world. 

Circles of Brown,

Dots of Hazel. 

Showing me warmth,

Deep in thought. 


I see you’re pain,

I see your beauty.


(Note: the photo-collage is from a Sri Lankan forum by way of another photo-sharing site: http://media.photobucket.com/image/eyes/xoalexblakexo/eyes.jpg)

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