“Coffee and a Cigarette” – Creative Non-Fiction by Sonia Palermo


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            A coffee and a cigarette in the morning.  A critical state of my day.  There is no other importance. The night before water is poured into the reservoir, the grounds in place along with the filter.  Eleven thirty pm, the digital clock reads.  I set the coffee alarm for four fifty am.  Five am I wake up. Pour my coffee into the chosen mug of the day.  Head out to the sun struck porch where the Grand Prix 100’s lie on the round wood-grained table.

            The dogs are excited I am awake. An hour from now I will disappoint them once again.  I will put them in their boxes of wire bars where they will be safe.

            Off to the corner store I go. A coffee is what I will buy, large, cream only please. On the light side, I like my coffee. I take a cigarette out of the box and to my lips. I spark the lighter, bring it to my cigarette, inhale.  Ahh, a coffee and a cigarette in my morning on my way to work.

            I finish my coffee and cigarette before I unlock my work day.  I unlock the door, disarm the alarm and turn the lights on. Approximately six am is when I punch in.  The coffee maker, water poured into the reservoir, grounds put into place. I go and prepare myself for work.  Buckets of bleach and water, filled with puppy toys and food dishes.  I am not ready just yet.  I pour my coffee, extra light I like it.  I head out the door.  A coffee and a cigarette in the morning.  A critical state of my day.

 (Note: The image is from www.sidewalklyrics.com)



2 thoughts on ““Coffee and a Cigarette” – Creative Non-Fiction by Sonia Palermo

  1. Sonia Writes: “I wrote this piece about 1/2 an hour before it was due for a class. I wrote this my first semester here. It was the only piece read (in complete) during class. I actually love this piece because it is true of my mornings regardless of whether I am going to work or school. And in this piece I find myself choking up when “I disappoint” my dogs, especially during school because I miss them so much, and share the separation anxiety with them.”

  2. Nice, I loved the combination of coffee and cigarettes. I can tell you now, sis, the coffee is better without the smoke. The cigarette habit dulls your sence of smell, a lot.
    The last time you REALLY smelled coffee brewing was probably at Grandma’s.
    And taste is mostly smell.

    Anyway enough of this, you enjoy yourself. I enjoyed this read. Love you sis.

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