“Rose, Rosa, Rosie” – poem by Sara Vitello



If I can capture the light

Your face sailing across

The table, the ocean, the sound waves

If I can hold onto the spear

Of it, the medicated flame lit

The fusion and rebirth of my senses

Expressed, espresso-tiptoed


I’d paint it all over my body

Over and over again.

Perhaps one day I could have the physical expression of the physical manifestation of these emotions and slow motions.

 The paint of these words caressing every pore, I could breathe this comfort.

Perhaps one day I will be holding your hand, feet solid on the ground, and you will know that I can not forget the light we breathe.

This creature, this rose is alive; keeps twisting its purifying ivy around me, the vines are my veins. You have become part of my blood; my muscles will always know you.

 (Note: the photo is from http://www.fosc.org/Images/EnglishIvy/IvyOnTree2.jpg)


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