New Writing Prompts: “Fight or Flight” and some first lines…

Club Prompts

Here are two new prompts…

1) Fight, Flight, or Freeze: Borrowing the psychological concept describing the body’s reaction to danger: your physical body gets you ready (heart races, adrenaline flows, pupils dilate, etc) to deal with the threat – fighting it, running from it, or freezing.

What’s your danger story? Your crisis story? Something positive (a successful skydive), or some unwelcome threat? Does a true story come to mind, or something creative?

Think about the senses: sensations in the body, and what’s happening in the situation…

2) Some first lines…

– He found the letter he had written to himself.

– The first time she tried to crawl…

– At 5pm, she was finally leaving her therapist job when the phone double-rang: a call from outside the building.


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