“Strained” – poem by Randi L. Mailloux




A little too loud,

A little too proud,

A little too stern and strict.


I’d rather you cooed and caressed with your palette.

I’d rather you cared, just a bit.


A little too brisk,

A little too bold,

A little too poised and daring.


You shouldn’t be swift

And you shouldn’t be cold-

You should favor and cater to sharing.


I’d rather you not scorn those around you,

Or sound like you’re putting them down.

I’d rather you lift them much higher

Than you’d lift yourself up and abound.


And abide by a code of clean courtesy,

And arrest that esteem you adore.

And tuck it away in a box far from me,

Bind it and wind it with a little brass turnkey,

So that when it plays its little melody

It sounds much kinder and softer than before.


A little too sharp,

A little too strained,

A little too curt and alarming.

I’m hoping, my friend, you’ll soon find a way

To be just a little too calming.

(Note: the image is from grainnefinn.com)


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