Bone and flesh – by Nick Davis


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Nineteen aliens hostage in the basement of a white house-

Not to include seventy eight slumped in the corner with bullets in their brains-

Watching politicians’ faces mutate while playing Russian roulette in exchange for top secret documents-

Beneath the razor wire murderous criminals roam numerous continents-

A mortar made my insides fall out-

Through all of the blood and dirt, it looks like my spleen-

20 degrees south, 5 human heads rot, mounds of maggots crawl through eye sockets, displaying a brutal portrayal of human emotion-

Which would you prefer a handbag or a handgun-

Some one is making their way in and out of convenience stores-

Poking needle holes through condom boxes-

How much do you think they’re paying those scientists-?

Keep them coming up negative with a cure for aids-

Population control-

An eerie figure with ten thousand syringes stuck in him-

Drifting through gun smoke, remaining in the shadows-

We perform oral sex on social whores as they spread viruses through a constricted lifestyle-

Feel your brain spill out as the pavement cracks your skull wide open-

Magnificent shadows of yellow and orange-

Countless bodies frantically searching for weaponry-

As cadavers explode all around us-

Tanks crushing over human remains-

A corpse lined with explosives-

A young baby devastated, ammunition ripping through her parents’ flesh-

Covered in blood, she wonders of her future-


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