“A Man” – by Freddy Gonzalez

Non-fiction, Poetry


Man with child 2

Nowadays there’s a misconception that leads some male species to believe

That if they ejaculate during conception and share 23 chromosomes with a woman that automatically

They receive the title of a man

If that was the case then why must so many children grow up with a uninformed knowledge of what their

True roots are if half of their roots are nowhere to be found

Knowing that you a so-called man did not complain or think twice when your partner ask for your half

During intercourse but you later took a later course to follow your own path in life and your son or

Daughter asks you why and what happen and all you can say is that it’s complicated

But what is so complex to be there for someone who contains most of your DNA

I mean wouldn’t it make sense if you grew up with a father – it’s only fair that your child should have one too

And if you didn’t wouldn’t it make sense to be there because you know how it feels to be father-less

If the pain and suffering of your child doesn’t affect you

Then you are not a man of any shape or form

It takes two to form a child and for some men to say that’s not my child but they know all the while

They had some satisfaction sexually from a woman that carried a child that shares similar facial features as them and still they deny them

He is not a man

So what is a man?

Or what makes a man a man

Is it all about being there?

So as for me am I man

Who’s to judge

Who’s going to let me know if I am or not

I will be the best man I can be

Because my inner motivation lies

In the inner lining of the love of my life uterus

And at the end of the day I know it just going to be the 3 of us

I’ll teach my son how to catch a ball and how to read and write

And as the man I am I’ll teach him to respect a female

Tell him how to be a proper man

And the only person to be able to tell me if I’m man is my little man. . .


(Note: the image is from http://www.melbournearts.com.au/gallery/v/nightingale/Man+with+child+2.png.html)


4 thoughts on ““A Man” – by Freddy Gonzalez

  1. This was an amazing poem…It came from your heart..I know that certain obstacles in life we face make us a better person…You will be a GREAT father….Love you with all my heart…MOM

  2. So true every word you said–just wish more men would think like you and then we would have so much crime in this country.We men can do alot more for our kids then we think we can–like this poem–lots

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