“Ghost’s Beat” – Poem by Sara Vitello


DirtyMirror.jpg dirty mirror image wunderkin23

What I used to be

is a smudge on the mirror

I’ve yet to clean completely


I’m a ghost to you now

an apparition rarely seen

the wind you feel make music through the weeds


 I bleed easily

I fear being forgotten

I hold deeply


 My fingertips traced your maps,

my words climbed your mountains, and dived your depths

My first life is long dead


I am reincarnated and am part of the earth now

in some time you knew me, and somehow

in years past loved the old me


 and in this I can’t remember you

because my heart loves beyond poems, minutes, rust

I’m the book you read once, left on the shelf to become dust

You are restrained by time, binded by youth


 I know the beauty of life. I remember it in action dearly

I cannot stop ageing, I pray to the elements, forgotten by god

I’m being revived, brought back to life, fully and slowly

by those who are strong enough to see I’m not gone.


(Note: the image is from http://media.photobucket.com/image/dirty+mirror/wunderkin23/DirtyMirror.jpg#!oZZ1QQcurrentZZhttp%3A%2F%2Fmedia.photobucket.com%2Fimage%2Fdirty%20mirror%2Fwunderkin23%2FDirtyMirror.jpg%3Fo%3D18)


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