Friday Sudden Fiction – by Amber Lira

Fiction, Flash Fiction

Another entry from our recent contest… 


            We were running now, hot on the trail of a deer somehow separated from the others of its group. The snow was crunching beneath our paws at every twist and turn. The trees were barren save for the snow and ice that covered them now. Neither a bird nor squirrel in sight, just us and our prey. The wind rustled through my fur and the scent of our prey followed it. Silent nods among the pack, joint together as one by the hunt.  I’d been traveling for weeks with my pack. There were eight of us.

The winters were harsher now than in past years and food was becoming more and more scarce. We’d lost two of our team at the beginning of this year to a frozen lake that wasn’t frozen. Our determination to survive and thrive through this harsh reality has been detrimental. Territory lines were being crossed by neighboring packs and Alpha males were being challenged. Up until now I have been fortunate enough not to be challenged. They knew better.

We were getting closer now to our prey and began to surround it. Our team Beta had cut around us to surprise the deer from the other side if she tried to escape. Then just as we were about to close in for the kill…a human!

Humans were one of the reasons why my pack was on the move. There are two types of humans: the type that were here before and the type that had just come in some type of moving vessel. They came by way of our coastline. They destroyed many packs and the homes of the peaceful humans as well.

Before these newcomers came, food was plenty. The Natives would only kill what they needed and our packs flourished. These new humans, they’ve taken over; killing other humans and other animals. We only take what we need to survive. These newcomers have no integrity, no pride, no respect. I’d like to give their Alpha a piece of my mind.

I had a mate once and pups, beautiful strong pups. As Alpha it is my duty to provide for my pups, my pack and my mate. So I left our nesting grounds to search for food. It wasn’t long after our hunting pack had left that we saw some type of black cloud coming from our grounds. There was a foul smell in the air and we raced through the forest. I told Shadow, my Beta, to stay with the pack and lead them as I raced on. I could hear my mate growling, snarling and fighting. I’m almost here I thought and I knew she could sense it. We as the Alpha pair shared a bond that was unbreakable.

I was too late. Just as I reached our cave, I witnessed the human attacking my mate, my Anya. The human had some type of stick that shot powder from it. It was aimed at Anya. All I remember in the moments that followed was a loud noise accompanied by clouds of grey. When all was settled, Anya lay there, gasping for air. There was blood and I couldn’t stop it.

I asked her where our pups were. The humans had taken them. One of them had escaped, he was the Alpha of our litter but she didn’t know where to. I swore to her that I would find them. I swore to her that the pack would once again be one. Then she gasped and I felt her body give as her spirit left to be with our elders.


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