“Grief” – poem by Sara Vitello


lost in the middle of somewhere

I can’t scan the photos into my mind

I can’t get out of the days

the memories the mirrors are permanent and translucent


I can’t get out of the burn, I can’t swallow the salt

maybe this will help exfoliate even though it intoxicates

the light is in this darkness, hope with brights brilliant

this battle itself wages war on me, internal against external


I saw the reflection, took note knew it means something

I bought the clothes, felt illegal, nothing was supposed to touch me

I wasn’t supposed to move, and he held me so tight

his son’s photograph pierces and smiles, images tattooed on hearts.


surrounded by irrational realities and realized fears

betrayal of logic and joy so clear

yet the smiles linger in the shines of constant tears

how can I breathe how I can I touch

          When Everything is so fragile? where do I find strength? With the hope of you.


(Note: the image is from skidzopedia.com)


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