“The Grind” – poem by Freddy Gonzales


The knowledge to understand what another person has to go through in life can’t be grasped

You simply can’t understand what someone may feel

If people can’t feel what I feel then why one must say they do

Why must one say they been in that situation

When reality is the people involved in my situation are different than yours

Why must someone give me their two cents when I have enough money

I’m not a charity case

I don’t want anyone to feel for me

I grind on my own like you grind on yours

I wake up and exceed life challenges on my own

Everyone feels for me but they don’t grind with me

They keep distant while I grind through life

The one expect to be next to me on this grind of life is far as well

What am I to do but to keep on grinding?

I can’t force someone to talk to me or help me

I can’t force anyone to grind with me

That’s why I grind alone and I don’t want anyone sympathy

If I fall I don’t need a hand up

God gave me two I can use my own

Don’t try to understand my grind because I don’t try to understand yours

I try to involve people with my grind

I just learned no one cares even the ones who love you

I can’t complain I must keep on grinding. . .


(Note: the image is from http://fineartamerica.com/featured/man-stands-alone-jason-hochman.html)

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