“My Dogs Were Good For…” – by Gary Picard

Non-fiction, Poetry

                         My Dogs Were Good For…

Having a friend to play with-giving a shoulder to cry on-training us to do whatever they wanted us to do-hiding dog food in the couch-an excuse to get a bigger truck-getting us a multi pet discount at the vets-exploring the neighborhood & allowing us to meet new people-having someone else to blame-throwing up in my truck-getting us to buy gourmet dog food & having it UPS’D to the house-eating toasted marshmallows from the wood stove-showing us how stupid & petty we can be-licking the windows in my truck-convincing us not to go away on vacation but to stay home & hang out with them instead…year after year-lining up at the supper table taking turns at being fed-keeping strangers away from the house-farting & looking around to see if anyone noticed-making me go for allergy shots twice a month-sleeping in my bed-having their pictures taken wearing sunglasses,antlers,diapers,jackets & sweaters,bandannas and an odd assortment of blankets while lying on the furniture-licking themselves-embarassing us-making us miss them now that they’re gone-giving & receiving love over & over again-making us a family.                                                                                                       

 The Sadness of Silence                            

Where once 16 happy puppy paws pranced-the house is now silent                                                                                  

slipcovers have been washed, folded & put away               

hardwood floors have been polished                                         

grass has filled in & looks new & green                              

toys have been boxed & stored in the shed                                                                                                                     

            Where once 16 happy puppy paws pranced-the house is now silent                                                                                  

no more soccer balls to chase around                         

no more wingle-dingle tails to wag                                         

no more wet kisses or puppy paw hugs                                

no one to greet us at the end of the day-                                  

…but photos, memories & love-the house is now silent                                                                                                     

and that will have to do     

One thought on ““My Dogs Were Good For…” – by Gary Picard

  1. The author writes…

    “In memory of Molly, our last dog, this is dedicated to you and all the others that have shared our lives. You were all spoiled & loved beyond belief.
    Daisy- my first dog when I was in 2nd grade
    Frodo- we used to run & explore the area that is now 391 in Chicopee
    Becky- once calmly walked into the living room carrying her empty water dish. She placed it in the middle of the floor & barked once. Then sat down. She was thirsty.
    Dreyfus- would retrieve any tennis ball or Frisbee no matter where it was thrown. Routinely sprayed by skunks every summer.
    Benson- my buddy & chick magnet. “Oh a puppy….how cuuuuute!” I owe everything to you.
    Bridgett- Auntie Bridgett had the most beautiful brown eyes.
    Mystic- Spooker was 15 lbs. of perfect girlie dog with the heart of a lioness.
    Molly- Molly Pants was a big lumbering mush bag who barked too much & just wanted to be petted & held. We graduated from puppy school only to be kicked out at the next level cause we “nipped” the instructor. Not me, Molly.”

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