“Skeleton Keys” – poem by Christopher Goudreau



Of relics scattered from a bygone age

Rusty swords and bayonets

Form dusty books of missing page

And antique photographs of beautiful skulls


The smoke has warped the walls and floors

Has turned beauty into grotesqueness

Beset with filth that woes the doors

And has locked them with undying keys


All is burdened with the aptitude of pleasantry

Of vanity worn through thin mirrors

Withered in a crystal world, a boiled sea

 Naught foreseen but sought to steal


Of memoirs, sculptures and dying days

An art so subtle and torn

Hollering unto the air, to whisper praise

In hallowed laments and aphrodisiac decay


And as the remains of fellow mortals sigh

In this the past is born

Of skeleton keys and savage skies

That lies upon the earth, to furrow and rot

(the image is from… http://www.flickr.com/photos/ivanflorescasasempere/3316882986/)


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