“1,100” – by Amber Johnson

Fiction, Flash Fiction

I like what I see as the raw and frantic tone of this piece by Amber…

One thousand one hundred horses wild and pounding their hooves upon the ground. They run towards you and I stare as you disappear from view. Why would anyone just stand there and you may be asking yourself and I will respond by saying where were you when they were charging towards and over me? Opening the gate into the valley knowingly aware that there I stood alone with a blank stare. I was so scared and with no escape I just sat there with no faith just awaiting my new found impossible to grasp fate.

Stomp, stomp, stomp the hooves shake the ground. Blame it on yourself for I never looked down. I never could for once even at your will’s vengeance of cruelty let you down to think I was lesser a being then than the moment you tore me down. I bent over back wards for you, I screamed to the heavens and all i got in return was a shard of nail through my vital tendon. I wish I was living better now to feel like a G six plane soaring through the bluest skies untouched by humans’ wraths and demise. What you’re speechless, why because you got what you wanted to see me dead and buried along the side of you in spirit somewhere six feet beneath the ground. Leaving my body to walk this earth as a living dead girl maybe if you had really meant it when you said you loved me you would have loved all of me and let me grow and be all that I was born to be without you controlling or manipulating me. It’s too late you made our fate underneath 1,100 horses’ hooves and all I am left to say is why?

(Note: the image is from dailygalaxy.com)


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