“Silly Games and Things” – poem by Christopher Goudreau


Here’s a look at a poem we’re going to discuss/workshop at tomorrow’s Creative Writing Club meeting. If you’re at HCC, it’s at 11am in Don-363…

Aloft with wings so violently cast, with bells and silly things!

Makes a fool, a jest, a tin-headed cat, and me, oh my these things!

As voracious as a leaning branch and gentle as the wind

That takes the mind and empties out

A spell, that shakes and stings


A laugh that means “we are indeed”, taken in by your air

The smell of roses that soon decay, beneath the moon so bare

Oh, sagacious moon for you are old, and wise as one should be

Tell me not that things are rued

And ever I shall be pleased


Not a glorious strand of day is plucked, ever is the dawn

That treads across the linden trees, beats the curtains drawn

Ah, beseeched with feelings such as these on a strange and timely ‘morn

Which in all due course, and all due time

Wells fairer, if not forlorn


A smile which means “to be thus free”, oh how it feels so grand!

To play these silly games and things, for none do understand

(NOTE: the image is from apexvenue.com)


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