“Words Unspoken” – poem by Peter Jalbert



How many words unspoken

when I came to hear

the dreaded room of emptiness was my greatest fear.


And as the walls did open

much to my alarm

was the great bearded one standing with open arms.


As his words of silence split earthly night and day

the milestone of heaven had surely found its way.


But as his words of silence penetrate my ears

the womb of mankind opened and destiny was clear.


With wails, crying, and laughter when heavens flew away

with decomposed will

I couldn’t help but say.


All that man has strived for

has vanished with a wink.


Revelation’s tale trickles like melting snow

through mountain streams and valley how little do we know.

To save man from damnation the gnaw of grinding teeth

wars wage upon the soul are weighted

with vengeance and disbelief.


Harken ears of deafness and sight forever see

That what you really live for is maybe only dream.

(Note: the image is from thelastpopsong.blogspot.com)


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