“Stunning Demise” – poem by Nick Davis


Feel moderately stimulated, reality is disheartening-

Memoirs of your death are somber-

But memories of you and how beautiful you were will live on forever-

Things condensed as time drifts through realms-

That are chemically laced and walls are scratched upon by fingernails that bleed infinitely-

Run through life at break neck speeds, clawing your way through everything so your bad habits can feed-

Sometimes I wonder how much blood you had spilled to simplify the pain-

Slice your frigid wrist down the grain-

Instruments used which echo, the sound of flesh ripping-

Your tiny arms you are gripping-

Light red dark red maroon black AND BLUE-

Your wore them all……………..but none truly suited you-

I was in the Middle East supporting the war-

To be a good older brother, there was nothing in this world that I wanted more-

I never thought I’d be standing at your grave, I guess we all have a different opinion on how to be brave-

Die for your country, or die for your drugs, I have to exist a lifetime without being able to give you a hug-

March on through each day, and doing my absolute best to never let your memory drift away-


(Note: the image comes from here)


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