Sudden Fiction by Theresa Boulrice

Fiction, Flash Fiction

 Here’s another entry from the Sudden Fiction contest HCC held a few weeks ago. The picture was one of the prompts…

Image of "Weather or Not" 

Sally stared at the bizarre scribbles that covered her school book.

“Ian!” she screamed. Slamming her science book down, she stomped downstairs.

Her parents were sipping their individual modes of caffeine. Her Dad took an occasional huge swallow of coffee black hole style as he called it. Her Mother took small repetitive sips of Earl Gray tea.

“He did it again,” Sally announced, glaring at them as if they were the ones who did it.

“Did what, honey?” Her Mom put down her porcelain teacup to stare at her.

“Ian drew in my school book, again, with a permanent black marker.” She crossed her arms and waited for them to respond. Although she knew what was coming. They would tell her he didn’t know any better. Consider his condition. Maybe your friend Allie will let you borrow hers. All that crap would come out again. She waited for all of their excuses.

“Darling, we’ve been over this before…” her mother began.

“Where did you leave the book?” her Father interrupted abruptly.

Sally felt heat splash across her face. “In my room. He’s not suppose to go in my room,” she added.

“Did you leave your door closed?”

Suddenly the floor became interesting with its yellow green tiles that screamed: ‘I’m from the sixties.’

“Well, then.” He went back to his Times magazine, gulping another mouth full of coffee down.

“Maybe you can borrow Allie’s?” Her Mother turned back to the Arts and Lifestyle section of her newspaper.

The problem was that was Allie’s school book. And Sally had pinkie promised that Ian wouldn’t touch it. She stomped out of the kitchen into the living room. Ian was clutching one of the battered pillows from the couch, rocking back and forth.

Her fingers curled into a fist. How was she going to explain this to Allie? How was Allie going to explain this to her Mom? Her Mom would smack her again, all because Ian couldn’t stay out of her room. She grabbed a pillow and smacked him in the head with it.

“Hey!” Her Dad stormed over, snatching the pillow from her. Its shredded lacy cover got entangled in her fingers so she was pulled with it. 

Ian started screaming. “What the heck are you thinking?” her Dad shouted at her. Ian screamed louder. Her Mom came running in to comfort Ian.

“Go to your room, now.” She didn’t argue, not with her Father looking at her like that.

She heard her Mother asking what happened as she slammed the door. It was always Ian. She grabbed Allie’s book and opened it to the page where thick black lines swirled around an entire page of words. It wasn’t even an optional reading. Maybe Allie had notes?

She was clutching her head in her hands staring at the mess when a line moved. She blinked not believing at first but then more of the lines swirled. They began shaping themselves into all sorts of images, raining clouds, a deer dashing over a hedge . . .  Then it leaped right out of the page and a black silhouette danced around her room before evaporating into a black mist.

“Wow,” she whispered as she watched a castle go under siege. Poking her head, out she listened. Her parents were still with Ian. She dashed for their bedroom and grabbed their phone. She waited as the phone rang and rang until finally Allie picked up. She sounded stuffy like she had cold or she was crying or something.

“Allie, you will never, ever guess what.”

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