Haiku Contest

Club Prompts, Poetry

What’s the 3rd line to this Haiku?

Like the stone that rolls

You gather nothing for me

Yesterday at HCC’s Open House, Creative Writing did a Haiku contest – an “instant poetry contest” for the people who drop by the table for a few minutes.  Participants took those first 2 lines and added their own 3rd line. Here are some results…


Like a dying silent oak tree (Tiaona)

For I am just man (Keith)

But a solemn cry (Erika L)

But tension and grief (S. Spencer)

But good cheer and LOVE! (Reena)

So I just keep going (Christine)

Moss on the stone (Patty)

Everything is just passing (Jose)

Note that some of the responses are sweet and simple, while others are something else entirely. Do you think the 3rd lines, together, make up one longer poem? We’ll post the results from the other two “unfinished haikus” next week…


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