One – poem by Kaylee Marshall


 The heavens place in her bruised heart, one moment.

One small relevant break in time is all she has to force the fear out of her voice and make verbal the

words she has longed to pour into the open air.

Her skin crawls with doubt and indecision to make reality of what has been living its own life inside the

safe walls of her mind.

She can’t see clearly now.

All that once made its own sense and perfect pattern and can be fit together has become distant.


She walks to the door; the door is white and hopeful.

The small brass handle feels cold on her shaking fingers sending an unwanted chill down her spine.

She prays it will open before she has to knock.

She hears footsteps and counts each step.

The steps suddenly take on a voice, speaking to her, telling her there is no turning back now.

She is touching the opportunity to open her heart one last time.





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