Sudden Fiction – Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction

This past Wednesday, HCC held its Tenth Flash-Fiction contest. . 

Here are the prompts we used… 

1)      First, look at this picture (by HCC alum Aliea Wallace: – interpret it in whatever way you want…

 Image of "Oz"


 2) Consider the following trigger words, and choose at least 2 to work with:

dark green, the smell of comfort food, a pocket, a shadowy figure, a

song from way back when, a new possibility

 This is not a quiz, so take the prompts and then go wherever you want to go with them. Get as creative as you want to.

Even though the contest part is now closed, if you try the prompts anyway, post your results in a comment…

Or… send to:

Subject Line: Flash Fiction Contest


We will judge the winners in the next week. Everyone will be notified by e-mail.  Good luck, and thanks again for being part of the contest.



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