“Unfinished Business” – poem by Eric Cowhey


It’s a form of control

it’s a tax, a toll

a yes or a no

but relax

it moves slow


Thirty days to pay

to find a way

to reach an agreement

that won’t let you fail quite yet


I feel like time poorly spent

fresh wine

more bitter than sweet

all my credit’s been lent


x dollars =

the illiterate and the scholars

debating the new cba

in meetings and court

a reply, a retort

concessions before the temporary stay


It’s one last lunge with my last gasp

body weary and voice a rasp

this flush is fading to bust

it’s up in the air if i’ll last


Drove myself deep down south

chain of cigarettes tethered to my mouth

I got lost on a road overgrown

but I fucked up so i can’t go home




(note: the image is from hickoksports.com)



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