Another Flash Fiction Winning Entry – by Chris Trubac

Fiction, Flash Fiction

Last month, we held our Flash Fiction Contest – here’s another winning entry by Chris Trubac (check out his website –

            I was standing outside my mother’s house when the most peculiar feeling took hold of me.  Through the large glass windows of the master bedroom I could see a strange shadow moving about.  I was watching the figure dance and spin in the dim lighting of mother’s scented candles, struck by awe, when it occurred to me that I hadn’t any recollection of how or why I was here- it had been years since I’d visited the tired old town where I grew up, and even longer than that since I had spoken with or seen the family that I left behind.  Yet here I was, standing on the crisply cut front lawn, my surroundings wrought with the sterile characteristics of suburban landscaping that so affected my distaste.  I marveled at the scene, as if unfamiliar with my family’s need to pursue this warped sense of what they called perfection.  In truth, I knew it all too well.

            I was compelled to enter, despite feeling nervous the moment I became aware that I did not know why I was here.  Curiosity pulled the very strings of my soul, lifting each heavy foot as I made my slow march toward the old house.

            Upon reaching the steps of the front porch, I was overwhelmed by a stabbing sensation in my ears, the result of an overpowering scream.  It was a woman’s voice, coming from somewhere inside.  My breathing quickened, heart started pounding.  As I felt the warmth of adrenaline coursing through my  veins, I did not worry whether my legs, shaking tremulously, would remain strong enough to support the weight of my body as I grabbed the doorknob and threw myself inside.

            I was greeted by pitch black darkness, but it didn’t matter; I still knew the layout of the house by heart.  It was only seconds before I found myself climbing the thickly carpeted steps to the upper floor, moving as quickly as I could to reach the master bedroom, where I was sure I would discover the source of distress, the cause of the scream that had shaken me to the core.

            I ran down the hallway, still blind in the darkness.  I felt my way along the walls, knocking picture frames to the ground as I passed on my way to the room at the end of the hall.  I placed my hand on the doorknob, and felt incredible heat on my skin.  With one quick and fluid motion, I swung the door open.

            “Welcome home,” moaned a low, dead voice.

In that very moment, I knew that I would never leave again.



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