Haiku Contest – entries and winner!!!!


At yesterday’s Club Expo, the HCC Writing Group’s table had a Haiku Contest: we give you the first two lines of a haiku, and you write the third line. Here are the 3 unfinished Haikus, along with the entries for each one…

 First Haiku:

Like the stone that rolls

You gather nothing for me

 3rd lines:

n  My soul rolls alone

n  So I roll you down

n  I’ll gather moss for you*********

n  Save tears on the ground



Second Haiku:

Young dude, city street

Big-Eyed at the crack of dawn

 3rd lines:

n  Amidst glass, a home

n  Brand new sights to see

n  Fortune down the drain



Third Haiku:

Blue flower sunshine

Brings daydreams of summertime


3rd lines:

n  Petals like cool wind

n  Chasing the dragon

n  Eagles high above


********* “Best of show” winner – by tainoworld


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