“Exquisite Corpse” poem #2…


The Writing Group played the “Exquisite Corpse” game, where we all write poems collectively. One person writes a line and then passes it on to the next person to write the next line. Then the second person covers up the first line and then passes it on, so that the third person writes the third line based only on seeing the second line. It keeps going like that – each new writer adding a line based only on the one previous line. Sometimes the results are meandering, and sometimes quite interesting. You decide which one this is…

Ragged-shirt boy threatens the old way

Crazy ragged-shirt boy, wouldn’t you say?

Don’t even have a dime for candy today

But who needs a dime when you have two nickels?


The moment has come, change is in the wind

My soiled shirt starched to hide the ways I’ve sinned

If only white shirts could hide our transgressions

Like a bride in white is usually a lie

But a corpse in black is usually the truth

As they usually appear just before the Reaper

The child inside kicks eternity’s bruised shin.


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