Flash Fiction Prompt…

Flash Fiction

Last week, we had our Flash Fiction contest. Contestants were given 30 minutes to write using the following prompts…

1)    First, look at this picture – interpret it in whatever way you want…

2) Consider the following trigger words, and choose at least 1 to work with:

vintage wine                  spiderwebs in the kitchen

a car in a lake               thief returns the money

 3) “5-Letters Game” – You are given 5 letters. Each word of your first sentence must begin with the corresponding letter. For example, if you did a 3-letter game using A  R  M, your first sentence might be, “Albert ran maniacally…” or “All ravens marry…” or “A retroactive misunderstanding…”

 The 5 letters you will use are…          A         D         R         O         M

 This is not a quiz, so take the prompts and then go wherever you want to go with them. Get as creative as you want to.


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