Ndidi- by Nnamdi Okose

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(Notes: Nnamdi Okose is a Nigerian writer. He studied English and Governance. This is an excerpt from the poem titled Ndidi. In this poem, Nnamdi tries to mourn his wife who passed away in a tragic motor accident. The poet is trying to re establish links with the spirit of his wife.)

By Nnamdi Okose

Your name tastes salty
Tears wrenched from the heart
Fleeting dreams in thick embers of life
Frittered away in one careless crash

Your name upon my lips
Swells, conjures a goddess
Decked in flowing silk
Floating far into the night
As close as the throb of a hair.

Echoes from the depths are lost
In translation of mediums
In cave like rafters of ancestral drums

Whisper your message in still breezes
Weave advices into my dreams
Ignore the hollow banter
Of hapless mediums

Touch me with the warm hands of love
Fill the loneliness you have emptied
Floating footsteps in every room
The pervading scent of you


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