Of a Summer Sunrise – Robert Herrick


The deep blue hues
Of a silent summer morning
Give clues of a new day
To be sensed by all life
As the sun slowly climbs
Into the dome of the sky.

Dawn is here as the twilight
Fades off from view
And the dew collected softly
On green and tan grass alike
To glisten calmly
While the living begin to awake.

Many features flow forth
Surrounded by the scene
Of a summer sunrise
And soon to be is the warmth
Of sunrays and of more colors
For the dew to glisten in their hues.

Small chirps and the breezes
Begin to add some sound
As the shade of the blue,
Deep in its hue, of the sky
Lightens and the stars fade away
As the sun slowly climbs forward.

Towards the brightening horizon
A cresent moon rises higher
Already to be seen and in-between
It is by the planet Jupiter
And a more brightened Venus
All already ahead of the summer sun.

The rocks and trees and homes
And the living beings around
And therein may see this piece
Of nature’s splendor with good weather
Whether or not yet awake, but
Perhaps in a dream if still asleep.


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