Crossroads – by William Wieliczka

Announcements, etc.

Should of…
Could of…
Would of…

Decisions based on strong emotions like spite,
Or sometimes through the wisdom of… objectivity.

Where you’re at, at that time
And where you want to be,

If any where.

All cross roads are final
if you let them,
but they are all life’s roads.
And thus are subject to change,
As seen fit,
By the management.

Every decision is a decision and every choice has been chosen,
A choice not to choose, is a valid choice too.
Although I would rather choose poorly than not at all.

Because here I am;

Every bad call is a good call
Because failures are better teachers
Than teachers,
Or preachers,
But not street creatures.

Learn what you can from the wisdom of loss
A captain condemned to wearing an albatross
Wise words from a fool.

Self-inflicted jam
Cell door slam
But still my mind was free.
Stranded and sleeping
Outside a train station.
Hardships brighten better days.
and here I am;


I’m a Christian
drenched in the light of Ra.
I was fed by Krishna,
Drank with Shango,
Heard the music of Allah,
And I broke bread with other Gods too.
All of them wise,
Filled me with the words:
“Find yourself along the way,
not at the end.”

Maybe each crossroads is still a choice,
But the end result is always:
”Here I am!”
In the center,
In the back,
In the vortex,
And sometimes in the front.
Is where we need to be,
Want to be,
Or arrived most carelessly.

What. Have. You. Learned?


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