Exquisite Corpse – October 31

Club Prompts, Poetry

Well, Wednesday’s meeting was rather interesting. We decided to do a four person Exquisite Corpse exercise. Since they came out surprisingly well, we decided to post them up for everyone to enjoy!

The spoons are all mocking me
The forks and knives taunt me
Crumbs on the counter, cat in the corner
The cat’s the only being that stays in my emotional corner
All nine lives, their eyes double in contrast
The cats lurk in doorway, until their nine lives are up
Until the shadows lengthen or their prey is caught
I shall wait gleefully in the dark
And split my soul while looking in the mirror
Mirror Mirror hanging on hooks, please don’t judge me by my looks
But grant me a reflection of my inner self
Don’t let me be caught hiding on a shelf
Camouflaged by prettier words than mine

The ocean sprays saltwater into the sky
I look to the moon and question why
Why did our love have to die
In vain, no cause, no purpose
Never in rain, do it anyway
Take a chance, win a prize
Hopefully a cruise to take me to a tropical isle
With coconuts and pink umbrellas dancing in my drink
The fly was doing a backstroke in my beer
Along with a fly who grinned a knowing grin
Caught in a web of the predator’s design
I wait for it, darkness, to shiny
And it is not a light that is at the end of a tunnel, only a reflection

The sky was as dismal as my soul
Black and roiling clouds promised me a storm
I looked forward to the darkness
The light could give me no hope
But what could ever life me up?
Why do you build me up, buttercup, if you’re gonna let me down
Let me burn, let me live
Let the God I once knew give
Let the God I once knew take
This horrible, painful ache
Makes me feel alive
Yet it makes me feel six feet under as well
Or maybe not.

You broke into my fortress and plunged a knife into my heart
With a smile on your face
You slowly step out of place
Want no part of society’s rat race
I just want to wallow, and slap him in the face
And fuck him silly
Or dear, I’m speechless
But not I! Cried my inner voice
The self-preservation has to place
Itself before personal achievement
Yourself before you’ve discovered your heart’s desire
Then purify the truth with fire
Like a Nordic funeral pyre.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as we had going around writing them!


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