Flash Fiction

Blue Clouds within the Memory of life can bring smiles of parts of life that we all want to maintain as a constant flash back of the better times. Looking up into the sky bring memories of your blue eyes seeking out my blues eyes in the dark moonlight. Blue skies and the pale moonlight, deep thoughts, long talks, all bring us full circle to the moments of love once held by the deep blue stares

But don’t fret time has passed, the blue sky still stands tall. The deep dark black sky filled with the stars that captured our dreams remains suspended just waiting for us speak to it again. Separate we shall talk to the stars and separate we will look to the blue skies with our blue eyes and dream new dreams. Our dreams me be different now but for me, I will look up day and night and say, I pray she is happy, I pray she is protected, I pray that you, in the heavens watch over her for I can no longer do so.


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