For Everyone Snowed In…

Club Prompts

At our last Writing Club meeting, we decided to mix up the Exquisite Corpse exercise, and try out Exquisite Corpse: Short Story Edition! The results were…interesting….to say the least. Here is Number One in the Trilogy:

I ran down the sidewalk through the rain. My left foot sunk deep into a puddle and my sock soaked up as much water as it could in that instant. Great, now I’m gonna have a wet foot all day. I curse as I see the bus I missed pull away.

In the back of the bus I could see kids thumbing their noses at me as the bus sped off.

I offered them an entirely different finger, kicked the dirt with my wet foot and started walking. Awesome! I was going to be late to school yet again. It was becoming a pattern for me and I simply couldn’t shake my string of bad luck.

As I walked the long distance towards school, I had a lot of time to think. What was with all this bad luck that I had been experiencing? Was there a curse that someone had put on me, and if so, why? Should I go see a witch doctor to reverse it?

Just then, my foot stpeed in thick mud, and my shoe stayed stuck in place. Fan-fucking-tastic, I thought. I reached down to get it out, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Maybe I should see a witch doctor!” I grumbled aloud as I tried to pull myself free. Very helpful drivers splashed water on me as they sped by. “Thanks, assholes!” I shouted after them.



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