The Blog is Back!

Announcements, etc.

Writing is everywhere! Whether it’s a 200-page novel or a 140 character tweet, writing shapes our lives and allows us to express our thoughts and feelings to the world. Everyone has a story to tell, and the heartfelt truths of those stories are what makes us unabashedly human.

Because of the outstanding quality of the submissions to Pulp City, I, along with other editors of the magazine, wanted to revitalize the blog so that the talent of HCC’s student writers could be showcased. We saw a lot of great work coming out of the Creative Writing club as well, so the revival of this blog is a great outlet for all the talent found in our weekly meetings.

Going forward, the hope is that there will be weekly posts from past submissions, flash fiction contests, prompts and excerpts from the Creative Writing Club as well as notifications about upcoming events. If you’d like to submit directly to the blog, you can send them as an attachment to with ‘Pulp City Blog’ in the subject line. However, we’d encourage you to submit your work to be considered for publishing in the print magazine, which you can submit to our advisor, Professor Dave Champoux here.

So here’s to a new year with exciting new writers with fresh literary voices!


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