People Watching

Announcements, etc.

The club met on Wednesday at the Club Expo. Our prompt was simple: observe the people coming in and out of the Expo. It was fortunate that our table was right by the door to the building, so there was a constant flow of various people to see.

Dave gave us some prompts to use with our observations:

  • Who do you see? What do you think about when you see them? Invent some characters based on these people. Try some of the following heuristics to help.
  • Age/gender/physical description, Family/Friends, Job/Hobbies, Major Life Moments, Plans for the Future, What secrets do the character’s have?, Hidden Potential, Dreams
  • Create a poem, story, play, or a journal reflection based on these character or characters

Post your stories in the comments!

Next week, we’ll meet at our usual spot-Don 360! First-timers and drop-ins welcome!


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