Pulp City Submissions, Yesterday’s Meeting, Social Media, and more!

Announcements, etc.


Our last day for submissions of Pulp City (the print magazine) is next Wednesday, February 22nd! Send your poems, monologues, short fiction to dchampoux@hcc.edu to be considered for print publication! Don’t miss out!

We held our meeting yesterday in our normal meeting space in Don 360 as the Black History Month Spoken Word event had unfortunately been canceled. Nevertheless, we went right into writing with the prompt: “You stop taking pills you’ve been taking since birth, only to discover you now have super-powers because of it.”

Some people worked with the prompt in a flash fiction style while others filled out a ‘Heuristics’ sheet based on the prompt. There were various responses including stories about super-strength, popping into other universes at random, even superpowers that existed only in the character’s mind. Lots of good stuff!

We are also excited to announce that Pulp City now has an Instagram account! Check us out at @pulpcityofficial to find picture prompts and other news concerning the literary magazine and blog.

Next week is our Flash Fiction Contest! Write a short story in 30 mins, and it could win you a $100 tuition grant and guaranteed publication in Pulp City! Hope to see you next Wednesday, February 22nd in Kittredge Center, room 418 at 11am!

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