Drama & Flash Fiction Contest

Announcements, etc.

Today’s meeting was slightly atypical with some students working on a prompt while the Pulp City editors discussed the print magazine. We’ve had so many great works submitted, making it a difficult but exciting task. The list will be finalized before Spring Break and then sent off to the Art Department for publication. Submissions that didn’t make it to print may still appear on the blog, so keep an eye out for that as well!

The prompt this week centered around creating a three to four person play. Some of us went with this prompt, and one student even wrote a short scene about a diner that served hot dog pot pie! This prompt ties in with the No-Shame Theater that was put on by the HCC Players, which the Creative Writing club attended after our meeting.

We have a winner for last week’s flash fiction contest, who wishes to remain anonymous (for now). His/her piece will be published in the print magazine while the other entries will be posted here on the blog soon! Next week’s meeting will be held in the usual place, Don 360, where we may do some Exquisite Corpse or other group-writing exercises. And even though the magazine deadline has passed, the blog will continue to accept submissions for publication on this site. Keep ’em coming!


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