Exquisite Corpse

Club Prompts, Poetry

At the last meeting before break, the club did some Exquisite Corpse poetry. Each line was written by a different person, who only saw the line before it. It was a fun and creative way to get everyone involved! We hope everyone has a great Spring Break, and see you on the Wednesday after!

Here are the Exquisite Corpse poems that we wrote


The sparrow lands lightly

Upon the rocky cliff.

The waves crashed and fell.

All the surfers’ bones crunches and comically yell

“Yo dudes, look @ that mermaid’s tail.

It’s wicked cool, so colorful.”

There’s an autumn forest in my mind,

the leaves fall to the ground- the stars shine happily through the trees!

The night of autumn touches me,

Slowly caressing as I fall like leaves.

They’re holding me in their arms.

“Please!” I said. “I mean you no harm.”


The fire burned with unholy rage.

The blazing priestess turns off the torch.

Nothing in the room now but dark and deathless deities.

The shadows draw closer, her life-light flickers out.

But he lights it back.

Smooth as a fox, sly as a rock,

and with the subtlety of a whale,

I am almost done with my tale.

But I still have to kill that one juror

if I want the decision I desire.

Sit around a smoking bonfire,

Together until all the smoke clears from the trees.


Once upon a time, although its cliche,

a princess born in the month of May,

only a barrel of wine to her name, a haystack throne.

She looks and sees, sadly, she’s all alone.

Feeling the cold touch of the air,

my mind fell down the stairs.

Broken, fallen, and scarred,

I crawled on my own two legs,

searching for treasured golden eggs

with my best friend Megan, we call her Megs.

And drink life up, split over like medieval kegs.

Enjoy the good parts, but pour out the dregs.


Witness the man who buys pencils,


Singing the words to his least favorite song.

da-da da-da, ding-dong, ding-dong.

Singing my happy song.

This all feels very wrong.

I’ve never got it wrong before.

How could I have been so brash.

Now I bear my one regret

like a bouquet of thistles and nettle.

My heart sings of flowers and metal,

a delicate beauty, a weapon lethal.


One thought on “Exquisite Corpse

  1. More Exquisite Corpse Poetry!

    Roses are red, beauty is fleeting.
    Age, old age is creeping,
    winding up like a clock
    hitting the ground like a block.
    I screamed as if I broke my leg.
    Now I’ll probably drink an entire keg,
    the fire water divulges my desires.
    I need to be put on ice,
    but that isn’t very nice.
    Why? Why? Why can’t you be nice?
    This is our reality
    Sitting around the porch, drinking iced tea.
    The trees rustled in the wind.
    They bend and bend and bend.
    Let’s go fly a kite or maybe an airplane,
    but first I must put away my cane.
    It bears my weight no more.
    I roll the stone from the cave, lighter than I shall ever be.
    I look at the stars and know they’re something I never again can see.
    But still, still I try to reach
    because I’m capable of the feat.
    I backflip off the board.
    I’m almost home on the range
    where the deer and the antelope play
    Coffee, all over my desk, all over my clothes.
    All over my memory drives, I need those!
    Feeling hollow, the light goes.
    The world turning slow,
    the light coming & going.
    I’m sick of it, I wish it was snowing.
    The white precipitation cleanses and purifies.
    There’s too much in my glass; my head overflows, foaming.
    My thoughts rush past, but I calm myself.
    I gather them and put them on a shelf.
    Books of a different manner
    filling the shelves.

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