Sentence Building & Spoken Word

Announcements, etc., Club Prompts

Last week’s meeting was pleasantly filled with lots of eager writers, both regulars and newcomers. Our prompt was Sentence-Building, a creative exercise getting us geared up for the Spoken Word event.

To start with, we write a base-sentence, such as The fire alarm went off. For a periodic, you add to the beginning: While we were eating lunch, the fire alarm went off. For a cumulative sentence, you add to the ending: The fire alarm went off, making a loud clanging noise, startling everyone, and causing some people to knock over their chairs. There is also the ‘big finish’ where you can add both clauses, creating one long, but coherent sentence.

This activity was taken further by picking a topic then writing 5-6 basic-sentences about said topic. After this was complete, we went back and built on each one, writing one elaborate paragraph/story. It was a lot of fun hearing how people were able to expand on their work.

Tomorrow April 5th is the Spoken Word/ Open Mic event in the Black Box theater in the FPA Building at 11 am. (FPA 111) You can read your own work or just listen to other students’ poetry, raps, rants, monologues, or anything else that can be read aloud. Hope to see you there!


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