Flash Fiction-The Girl/ The Man

Announcements, etc., Flash Fiction

The Girl:

I watch him linger in the shadows around the room, and every time he goes to take a step towards me I flinch, causing the ropes on my wrists to burn and itchy with every little movement. I look towards him and try to make eye contact, but it’s so dark i can’t even see the whites. “Why.. why are you doing this..?” I plead, i have been asking for the past four days, maybe it’s been a week i haven’t seen an inch of sunlight since i was taken here. He hasn’t said a word to me, he just keeps pacing. My voice is so sore i think it’s best to just stay quiet. When i used to watch those crime TV shows i would always yell at the victim to fight back, scream for help. Even if you die you’ll still have tried, and yet now that i am faced with the situation all i can think of is sleeping and waiting for him to kill me, how he is going to do it. Even though it is dark i know we’re in a basement, the floor is hard and cold my knees are so raw from being on them for so long. i hear something that of metal, my mind flashes to images of this man cutting my throat, or gutting me and feasting on my insides. I have tears streaming down my face and the snot in my nasal passages come running out my nose like a train getting to the end of a tunnel. “PLEASE PLEASE DON’T!!” I scream, making my throat feel like i have been trying to push out razor blades. He stops pacing, this is it the end is coming i know it. “Those things you said before… if i let you go.. You won’t tell anyone?” he mutters.. I can hear every breath he takes in between his words, is he crying? I don’t know whether this is some sick game or if he will really let me go, but those memories of me screaming at the victim to fight are rushing inside of me now. Suddenly my body is pulsing and everything that hurt before has turned into angry. I’m ready to fight. I try collecting myself but all i manage to get out is “No police. I just want to go home.” Rage is fueling inside of me, did he take me here just to fuck with me?! My thoughts are racing a million miles a second but my eyes and body are focused on him. “I’m going to untie you…” Why is he so hesitant, is he just trying to get my guard down so he can kill me?! The more and more i think the less patient i get. He walks away from me and turns on a light, it is blinding, tears flood over my eyes. While my eyes are closed i hear him coming near and i wait until i can see to make any moves. I feel him grab my forearm and begin cutting the rope, it’s getting looser and closer to being completely off. I keep my body still until they release, i open my eyes and they dart towards the blade, i go it but my legs are weak. “Stop! Please! I want to let you go!” He shouts his voice cracking, as my chest lay on the ground i look up at him, tears streaming down his face. I sit up and begin hitting him over and over until i’m standing and i’m hitting him my eyes are closed and i’m hitting him, and my neck feels warm… my body is going limp there’s fire ants in my blood. I open my eyes tears flooding and think that at least i tried… he was never going to let me go

The Man:

I’ve been watching for three days now, and i can’t even get through my head how she got here. My legs are sore from pacing and i’m tired from thinking of how to handle this situation. How did she get here… Did i black out again.. It’s never this bad.. I look towards her and every time she begs or pleads my heart breaks. I know i’m sorry i don’t want this either… I put my hand in my pocket and i fidget with my switch blade… I’m going to cut her out i have too.. I stop and pull out my switch blade and look towards her and begin to speak but she’s screaming, asking me not too.. I’m not going to kill her i’m not that kind of person, it’s a misunderstanding… I wait for her to stop screaming and ask her   “Those things you said before… if i let you go.. You won’t tell anyone?” i watch her body, she’s almost shaking… i’m not going to hurt her, i’ll let her go.. I’m so wrapped up in my own head i barely even hear her agree.. I stay still and prepare her, i don’t want her to be nervous.. It was a misunderstanding.. “I’m going to untie you…” I spin on my heel and turn on the lights.. My eyes are glistening, i’ve been down here for hours so it hurts to keep them open, but i do and walk towards her, there are tear drops dripping from her closed eyes and i begin cutting her ropes, she reaches for my knife and i back up watching her drop to the ground “Stop! Please! I want to let you go!” she doesn’t stop though she keeps hitting me and hitting me, she gets up on her knees and i just… just… I open my eyes.. Im sitting on a park bench my clothes covered in her blood, it’s cold almost frozen in my shirt, and i hear sirens coming towards me.. Oh god i killed her.. It’s just a misunderstanding.. What have i done.



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