Flash Fiction-The Blue Flower


I pace back and forth wondering whether or not I should actually do this, my palms are sweating and my ears are starting to burn. I undo the clip that keeps my hair from falling onto my face and becoming a mess in the war pant I put upon it. This is a war, yep, a war for beauty. After my makeup is done and my brown ringlets are set around my face framing my blue eyes I reach into my closet for the grand finale, my dress. My mom, her mom, her mom, and her mom before that all have worn pink for their prom, me on the other hand chose blue which complemented my eyes. I step into the dress and pull it up.

“Mom!” I whined, “Can you help me tie the corset?” Mother came in a hurry and almost melted at the sight of me.

“My baby! You look so beautiful, if only you chose that pink dress, the one with the satin bodic-”

I looked at her “I wanted blue mom, now please help.” With a few tight pulls at the corset and a quick tie I look at my slim waist in the mirror and slip me heels on. It felt weird, trading my combat boots for sparkly, silver heels and my anime t-shirts and ripped, black leggings for a blue gown, I almost didn’t look like myself. I almost didn’t go to prom at all, if it wasn’t for Alex. He was the dreamy president of the Drama club with big golden eyes, and dark black hair. I almost screamed when the doorbell rang and he was there standing in a black suit with a bow tie. He held a corsage with blue violets and baby’s breath. I smile and pose for the never-ending array of pictures and slip out the door into his red convertible. I was in heaven, it was almost a dream. I frowned softly when I noticed a bottle tucked under his seat.

“Have you been drinking?” I asked.

“No, it’s fine, it was only one,” he frowned and rubbed my back to assure me he was fine. I looked back onto the road and there it was a dark figure of an animal and a scream left my lips just as the swerving convertible hit the tree.




I couldn’t find my mama. I searched everywhere for her. I only wanted to eat some of the pretty white flowers. It was getting late, I called for her three times but there was no sound. I decided to trace my footsteps down the path of trees where the pretty flowers were. I stole a couple more and called for mama again. She never was away this long. Now I’m getting scared. Again and again I call for mama then I heard something. A loud noise.’ Mama?’ I ran and there was a big red rock that smelled bad and I went close to see the rock. Inside was a human! Two humans! One wasn’t breathing but the one that had pretty blue flowers did. I ate one, she moved and I ran after the blue and red lights came with more humans. That’s when I saw mama in the woods waiting. She said the humans almost hit her with the rock. I told her about the yummy blue flowers on the pretty blue human.



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