Flash Fiction 24!

Club Prompts, Flash Fiction

Last week, we had our Twenty-Fourth Flash-Fiction contest here at Holyoke Community College. Everyone met in a computer room. We gave them 30 minutes to write a piece of fiction based on the following 3 prompts…

Prompt #1: Interpret this picture in any way you choose (it’s by HCC alum Aliea Wallace)…


Prompt #2: Your story must have multiple parts to it (at least 2 parts – indicated by a space-break, a “chapter title” – or some other clear way that fits your story).

Prompt #3: The different parts of your story must work with point of view in some way – as a change of narrator, change of past-to-present – or whatever way fits your story.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share the entries we got in the comments below – starting with the winners. Feel free to add your own flash fiction there, too. We’d love to see what you come up with…

One thought on “Flash Fiction 24!

  1. And here’s one of the two winning entries – this one by EMILY TAN…

    There was a moment where Sixer kind of regretted agreeing to come along to find a specific book for Nines’ art project. They stood expressionless, save for the crease in their brow that seemed always present, and the tenseness of their body, paranoia running underneath their skin. Nines, who was scanning racks of books, squeezed their hand absentmindedly.

    “You know I can tell when you’re anxious, honey.”

    Sixer scoffed, trying to come up with words to offer back to the taller woman. They had anxiety, yes, but it didn’t control every being of their body like it used to. They had therapy and medication, and years of childhood trauma in the process of being unearthed each Friday in hour long intervals. They spoke.

    “I’m always a little anxious, Nines.” Nines let go of their hand and turned to Sixer, placing a hand on each of their upper arms. She stared directly into their eyes.

    “No seriously, what’s eating at you?” Sixer sighed.

    “Public places, unknown people, crowds, you know, everything.” Nines hummed in response, stroking their shoulder with her thumb. She had a constant need to touch, and being one of the few people Sixer was comfortable being touched by, she relished that opportunity.

    “You’re going to be okay, I’m right here.” Sixer nodded. They tugged at the sleeves of their shirt, rolling the sleeves up to where they at slipped down just past the elbows. Nines took this moment to button up their previously opened overshirt all the way up to the collar, which Sixer immediately undid the progress of, leaving a few buttons undone. Nines gave them a mock offended look and snickered.

    “So what kind of book did you need for this class assignment anyway?”

    There were always moments where Nines wondered what was going through Sixer’s head. The nonbinary person was currently curled up on her bed, wrapped in multiple blankets, their eyes being the only thing visible as their head was somehow shoved underneath her pillow. Sixer was kind of weird, but she liked weird. She liked Sixer.

    Nines wished she could’ve taken a photo of them while they were sleeping, but there was hardly any of them visible to photograph. She turned back to her art project and resumed staining the pages.

    Sixer made noise while they slept. It wasn’t a regular snore, either. Nines snorted at the grumbly humming that emerged from the small blanketed lump on the other side of the room from her, she thought it was adorable, like an angry kitten finally relaxing. She could see Sixer as an angry kitten. Nines dipped a brush in ink and painted a few lines onto the open page. It was reassuring, to be around someone who had just as much trust issues as you did. She remembered the first time they really got to know each other, back in highschool, the only other sophomore in a class full of seniors and juniors. She had sat down right across from them and thought to herself, this person is going to be my new friend. Nines was always a little intense.

    She rubbed her fingers together, taking a moment to stretch. Her back was sore. She thought about picking up yoga again, if she even had the time to fall back into her routine in the morning, having to juggle work and school. She’d figure it out eventually. The humming behind her stopped.

    Nines turned around right as Sixer began to wake up, watching them sit up slowly, yawning into their hand. She greeted them.

    “Hey hon, did you miss me?”

    “Mm, you know I did.”

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